Joshua Sheppard

Software engineering manager, conference speaker, and father who likes to code, play with data, and learn from others.

Tag Me In

Values and Strengths

In fall of 2020, I took time to collect myself and reflect on what I value using an exercise from Brené Brown in Dare to Lead. I also revisited what my Clifton Stregthsfinders 2.0 said about me. How can I focus my effort to be more effective and where would it be most impactful for others to “tag me in”? It’s been a few years, but this introspection feels especially relevant today.

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Kubernetes: A Cautionary Tale

One Company's Journey to Production K8s

The gap between Minikube and Kubernetes in production is vast and full of pain. Want to know what it’s like to implement Kubernetes (k8s) in production for the first time before you collect the bumps and bruises yourself? Join me to learn about the ups and downs of one company’s initial experience with k8s - including who was involved, the scope, and what was intentionally deferred.

We will cover:

  • Why even consider Kubernetes (Hint: you might not benefit from it!)
  • How a real company approached their first proof-of-concept
  • How goals changed during implementation of k8s
  • What we learned so far
  • What we still need to learn
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