Joshua Sheppard

Software engineering manager, conference speaker, and father who likes to code, play with data, and learn from others.

Kubernetes By Component - Part 2

K8s API Server, etcd, and kubectl

This is part 2 in a series of posts related to Kubernetes. Part 1 was about the kubelet. Like part 1, this post is inspired by another 2015 post by Kamal Marhubi and is intended to update and expand on the topics with my own thoughts and learnings. We will explore kube-apiserver, its relationship to etcd, and get a taste of why kubectl is so nice.

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Syntax Higlighting Problems

Chroma, Pygments... hljs?

The allure of nice syntax highlighting without leaving Markdown was one of the things that drew me to Hugo. In practice, I have found there are a number of challenges in implementation to get it to work as I expect. I was also reminded why I prefer not to spend my time fighting with CSS. ;)

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