A work in progress... and I'm not talking about the site

I’m Joshua Sheppard, an engineering manager and father, and this site is an attempt to push myself to - as I noted in my first post - to “blog more [and] tweet less”. (Which is misleading since I don’t tweet all that much either. ;-) ) It is heavily inspired by the site of a friend and coworker.

I’m still working through decisions regarding some good technical blogging advice and for now, I have chosen the format of learning somewhat publicly. I hope that my experiences can help others in their own journeys. If nothing else, it will help me remember some of the traps I fell into and the resources I found to dig my way out.

Initially, posts are focused on the technology I’m exploring but perhaps it will grow into including my thoughts around technical leadership, inspired by Rands, and/or parenting, inspired by GeekDad / GeekMom.

During a few precious moments of instruction and collaboration with one of my sons, I added the following:

I like playing FTL, but not as much as my son. ;)

I hope that in some ways the exercise of this site will allow me to show my sons the beginnings of how to create the websites they see every day much like my father did with me as I learned BASIC on his Sperry PC.